Welcome on our homepage!
The Bookatelier Markus and Birgit Müller is located in Bubendorf,
Switzerland .
Here we create exclusive, one of a kind books and special prints and
papers. Our products are artistic treasures, which are inspirational
and pleasing to the eye.
In our atelier we create a unique design for your manuscripts.
From handmade paper to handcrafted bookbindung we use
traditional materials and methods.
We offer a variety of products - handmade paper with watermarks,
lamps with artistic motifs, guest books and photo albums.
You can order individual products, such as exclusiv business cards,
wedding- and birthday-invitations, menu cards, one-page prints with
your personal text and special bookbindings.
All the other pages of our website are in german language.
We hope you can translate the textes and enjoy the fotos.
Buchatelier Markus und Birgit Müller      Hauptstrasse 165      CH-4416 Bubendorf      Tel. 0041(0)61 931 45 60      info@buch-mm.ch      www.buch-mm.ch
Buchatelier Markus und Birgit Müller